Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Skypro Productions Ltd Terms and conditions. 
Following confirmation of an order placed by the client to SPP, SPP will endeavour to fulfil that order to the best of the company’s abilities. The following are some reasons for SPP to not complete that order:- Weather restrictions. Spp will assess the weather conditions prior to film date and has the right to cancel the film process at any time prior to the order time and date.  Due to living on an island in the north Atlantic, the weather plays such a big part within the aerial filming world and is hard to predict. So SPP uses the latest technology to assess the weather conditions and will inform the client if the decision is to cancel the contract due to unsuitable conditions.  The decision will be made by SPP and not the client bearing in mind SPP has a vast experience in metrology and assessing the weather. If the contract is cancelled by SPP for the above reasons, SPP will not be held responsible for any incurred costs.


Equipment failure.
SPP will not be held responsible for unforeseeable breakdown of any equipment and transport used to carry out its business. SPP always endeavour to service all of its equipment and run a maintenance programme. If any breakdowns occur, then SPP will not be held responsible for and of the client’s costs due to SPP not being able to carry out the contract. SPP will arrange for another suitable date with the client to carry out the film shoot and complete the contract.


Some sites for flying will require appropriate permissions from certain Air traffic controls that cover that airspace. So a lead in time of 30 days will be required to process the paperwork required to inform other airspace users of SPP flight all in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations.


A deposit of 50% will be required on booking with SPP and can be returned if the contract is cancelled by the client up to 7 days prior to the contract date.

If the client cancels within 7 days to the contract date the 50% deposit will be kept to cover administration cost and the loss of the opportunity of other contracts.
If the client cancels the contract more than 7 days then SPP will return the deposit whole to the client within 7 days.
If SPP decides to cancel the contract for any reason, then SPP will return the deposit within 7 days or rebook with the client another suitable date.
The product will be delivered with a water margin until the final payment is paid in full to SPP by the client within 7 days of the invoice date. SPP will then supply the product with the water margin removed. 



SPP has the right to cancel the contract with the client if felt that the conditions to carry out the contract are not suitable. If on arrival on site SPP decides that either the site conditions or weather conditions or any further restrictions on that site are not suitable and might effect the safety of the staff, public, owner or equipment. Then SPP will either cancel or postpone the contract. If the contract is cancelled by SPP for the above reasons, SPP will not be held responsible for any incurred costs.





SPP hold the copyrights to all photographic and film captured, unless an agreement between SPP and the client has been arranged. Any music that is added to a film in post production will be royalty free unless arrangements for copyright payments have been made, or will have been copyrighted by SPP.